Syncfusion Launches BoldSign Embeddable E-Signature Solution
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Syncfusion Launches BoldSign Embeddable E-Signature Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Syncfusion'sBoldSign is a completely embeddable e-signature solution that enables users to submit, track, and sign documents from within their existing business applications.

Fremont, CA: “With the shift toward remote work and digital business across industries, e-signature software has become a vital business component,” observes Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion. BoldSign is a new electronic signature solution from Syncfusion. For the past 20 years, Syncfusion has been assisting developers in the development of effective line-of-business applications. BoldSign was designed from the ground up to be integrated into the software.

“BoldSign delivers an e-signature solution suitable for any enterprise at any scale. It is built upon our two decades of experience developing and publishing powerful, comprehensive APIs for developers to consume in line-of-business applications, a domain we understand better than anyone else.” addsJebaraj.

“Unlike other e-signature solutions, BoldSign is fully embeddable into any application, granting users the power to send, track, and sign contracts within their business applications. We also provide BoldSign as an easy-to-use app for those in need of a simple, turnkey e-signature solution featuring all the necessary tools for setting up and managing contracts.” Jebaraj continues.

Despite its recent introduction to the market, the feature set of BoldSigns demonstrates a well-thought-out and mature solution. These characteristics include:

  • No matter where business is performed, compliance with U.S. (ESIGN) and worldwide (eIDAS) e-signature legislation assures that all commercial and regulatory needs are met.

  • Bulk links allow several people to sign a single document asynchronously.

  • Preconfigured and personalized templates reduce the time it takes to sign documents, and a powerful permissions system gives users complete control over their ability to read, edit, and alter them.

  • Reminders and follow-ups are sent automatically to aid in the acquisition of missing signatures.


BoldSign is the latest addition to Syncfusion'sBold family of enterprise business intelligence and analytics solutions, joining Bold BI for enterprise dashboards and Bold Reports for business reporting. Each solution addresses a business-critical data and analytical need that exists across sectors and around the world.