Syncron Plans to Increase Productivity with Business Process Platform 15.2

By CIOReview | Monday, January 4, 2016

STOCKHOLM, SE: Syncron – the cloud based aftermarket service optimization providing global inventory management, order management and price management around the world has broadcasted the launch of Business Process Platform (BPP) 15.2 with enhancements and advanced features created to increase productivity. 

The app built on Business Process Platform leverages its support for organizing the business performance management software including monitoring, tractability and optimization. Introduction of fluid web layout has made navigation user friendly. The Syncron’s software has the ability to easily navigate through the software on any platform.

"The ability of our software to adjust to a user's browser resolution is of enormous help to our clients, especially in today's digital age," explained Tomasz Urbanski, Head of Development at Syncron.

Reports can now be easily created and updated. The tree selection component makes filtering process more convenient and ensures that the people receive most useful information. Time zone is another feature where it can be used to schedule the report to run, head and tail range limits, requested data set to specific number and assist users to quickly view important portion of the overall results.

"This is important because many background jobs are scheduled within the application, if the database cannot be reached when a job is due to run, the execution will be withheld until the database comes online again without manual intervention” noted Tomasz.

Incoming messages will be filtered effectively for customers. Enhanced polling interface uses tread pools, letting patterns to be sophisticated. This leads to queuing up of messages in groups of size equal to a limit specified by the client ensuring good application performance.