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Syncsort Launches Industry Initiative for Legacy Data Infrastructure and Next Wave Technology Integration

By CIOReview | Friday, May 24, 2019

FREMONT, CA – Syncsort, a premier developer of big data software, unveiled Syncsort Invent, an initiative to assist enterprises in leveraging the advent of new technologies. The initiative is designed to enhance data by linking years of data infrastructure investment with next wave technologies such as cloud and blockchain.

Syncsort delivers solutions for seamless data organization and aids in enhancing the functional capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and predictive analytics. It leverages decades of expertise in providing quality solutions to over 7,000 clients, including 84 of the fortune 100 companies. The companies can quickly extract critical data regardless of the time and place. Syncsort’s solutions facilitate seamless optimization, assurance, integration, and advancement of data, helping organizations to secure their future.

Data is the base of all competition between the modern businesses that decide the effectiveness of a company. The success of companies depends on how well they own, access, and analyzes the data. To this end, Syncsort Invent equips the enterprises with practical tools to leverage emerging technologies such as hybrid cloud and blockchain to overcome complex challenges and deliver high-value solutions.

Syncsort Invent is bolstered by decades of expertise in assisting enterprises in extracting value from big data. It encourages enterprises, partners, and industrial organizations to adopt the services of Syncsort in subduing the obstacles of new technology and developing practical solutions for enterprises to prepare themselves for the next technological revolution.

The initiative provides an excellent opportunity for enterprises to gain enormous value from technologies such as hybrid cloud, AI, ML, blockchain, predictive analytics, and data governance. It is mostly designed to integrate legacy data systems with cloud and blockchain.

The hybrid cloud initiative will optimize the effectiveness of enterprise data utilization in the hybrid world by overcoming the problems of on-premise data system integration with the leading cloud platforms. Also, the blockchain initiative will create focused solutions to fulfil enterprise data requirements and aid in the enhancement of visibility and transparency of the transaction systems. Syncsort has launched a simplified product branding program to seamlessly convey the usefulness of its product portfolio to potential consumers and partners.