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Synectics Synergy 3 is Offering Smarter Cybersecurity and Improved AI Integration

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Synergy 3 will offer better cybersecurity to the companies so that they can protect their data flexibly.

FREMONT, CA: Synectics has announced that it will use its advanced Synergy 3 command and control platform to launch a series of latest customer-driven capabilities. These abilities will help them offer their users with unparalleled system protection, third-party integrations, and incident detection.

One of the smart surveillances and security solution available in the market is the Synergy 3. It is an essential and efficient part of the operations conducted in the control rooms all over the world. The priority of the latest Synergy 3 is to provide real-time data and systems integrity in the line so that they can decrease the concerns of the industries and customers. Moreover, the Synergy 3 is customized in a way that it will meet the requirements of the customers and offer them with flexible user experience. It will also make complex data meaningful, actionable, and manageable.

Extensive focus on cybersecurity

There has also been the latest addition to Synergy 3’s cybersecurity safeguards, and it is Secure Check. The interactive tool will offer the users with recommendations so that they can enhance the cybersecurity systems. It will also provide the administrators with power so that they can apply changes, and all these can be done from the single dialog box. The notable security checks also consist of encryption of configuration and comms, workstation lockdowns, and password management.

Furthermore, the development in the present protection system will make it easy to monitor and apply the management of authenticated system access.

Better flexibility through technology

The companies that are interested in applying the emerging technologies, especially the ones that support the latest model of efficient operation and security system, can also use the Synergy 3s expanded integration portfolio.

The companies will have a flexible security system with an extensive collection of third-party applications like access control, vehicle identification system, and AI technology combined with Synergy's present open-integration abilities.

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