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Syngrafii Inc. and TradeMark East Africa collaboration: Beginning of the New Virtual Documentation Era

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Matthew M. Gibson, Co-Founder, CEO & President

Matthew M. Gibson, Co-Founder, CEO & President

Syngrafii Inc. has teamed up with TradeMark East Africa to provide The EAC Secretariat with a better and faster solution for the execution of critical official documents, simultaneously taking care of the confidential information.

FREMONT, CA: Syngrafii Inc. and TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) have collaborated and further allied with The EAC Secretariat to transform the procedure of executing agreements between the Partner States by deploying a digital channel for the signing of official documents. TMEA has facilitated a digital channel's deployment within The EAC Secretariat, where the first Syngrafii LongPen was installed along with sPaper to provide enhanced operational performance, more significant geographic market reach, and speedier document execution for The EAC Member States. This will serve distinct government initiatives and their respective business units together with their partners as well as the constituents they serve.

Syngrafii was featured in CIO Review as one of the 20 Most Promising Cisco Solution Providers - 2019. It is the sole organization in the world that offers the choice of executing original biometric ink signatures upon hard copy or electronic documents when and wherever it is needed.

Syngrafii's HTML5 web-based signing solution, LongPen applies one-time use original wet ink signatures, each biometrically accurate and with a unique feature. This patented device ensures regulatory, legal, and internal compliance adherence.

Similar to LongPen, sPaper is also a patented HTML5 web-based solution, which supports remote signatures on desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets. It provides live, interactive, and collaborative group sessions with the additional benefit of audio and video conferencing through Syngrafii Video Signing Room for correct document allocation and signing, which is recorded for agreement.

Mathew M. Gibson, Co-Founder, CEO, and President of Syngrafii, says, "The technology does not allow the cutting and pasting of signatures or the reproduction of proxy (typed or image-based) signatures. This is more secure, and by recording an audit trail, our platform ensures greater transaction compliance and non-repudiation.”

The EAC Secretariat has established a video conferencing system between the Member States and its headquarters to facilitate its core business requirements, which it aims to enhance by introducing an online signature system. There is a need to implement a system that enables a report to be signed online on the spot after a meeting.

The solution combines the LongPen and sPaper for the signatures on critical and extremely confidential documents which necessitates an authenticated "Wet-Ink" signature to meet various, geographically constrained compliances of government and governance requirements.

"Syngrafii has enabled The EAC to securely sign documents across geographically dispersed locations and operations while exceeding all compliance and non-repudiation requirements of the transaction. Combined with Syngrafii’s convenience and ease of use we can securely, quickly and confidently execute agreements and contracts with our Partners States”, informs  The EAC.

With the assistance of Syngrafii's LongPen Printer and sPaper, The EAC can make ministers execute complex and extremely sensitive legal documents in no time, simultaneously enhancing the standard of agreement and improving the global carbon footprint. Further, it has improved The EAC's document execution. There will be a reduction in minister and staff travel times along with meeting or exceeding tight deadlines of completion. Moreover, The EAC can use all existing approved forms and documents as the Syngrafii system does not need any pre-processing of documents. This, in turn, reduces process change and saves time and money on the incorporation into their operational systems.