Synopsys Extends its Custom Compiler Solution to STMicroelectronics to Improve Productivity

By CIOReview | Friday, April 1, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Recent announcement from Synopsys revolves around STMicroelectronics’ (ST) plan to deploy Synopsys' new solution, Custom Compiler for custom design. The move initially starts with 28-nanometer (nm) FD-SOI IP development. Synopsys is innovative companies’ ‘Silicon to Software’ partner for developing the electronic products and software applications used every day, while ST, a semiconductor firm delivers services to customers across the electronics applications’ spectrum. Custom Compiler has been chosen for production work from schematic entry through custom layout at ST sites in France and India after an extensive evaluation and qualification for custom design and layout.

"ST has adopted Custom Compiler for 28-nm FD-SOI standard cell and memory layout," says Cyril Colin-Madan, Design Platform Director, STMicroelectronics. "We evaluated the tool across a number of metrics to ensure it meets our requirements and a key factor in our decision to adopt it was the improvement in productivity. Custom Compiler's Template Assistants make it easy to apply previous layout decisions to new designs, which helps us shorten layout tasks from days to hours for a typical cell."

Designers are enabled with the capability to store and reuse custom design templates engaging the Custom Compiler Template Assistants. Designers are allowed to save useful placement or routing patterns and apply them to new designs using a template. Synopsys has been making use of this approach for its own IP development to shorten custom layout tasks. This helps Custom Compiler to make Template Assistants available to Synopsys customers.

Antun Domic, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Synopsys says, "ST was a key partner during the development of Custom Compiler. They helped refine and validate the complete custom flow in Custom Compiler and gave great feedback to make Custom Compiler easy to deploy for large multi-national teams. We are working in close collaboration with ST to deploy Custom Compiler to their IP design community."

There are some essential highlights which can be chalked out as a result of this move. First being the fact that production deployment at STMicroelectronics will follow extensive evaluation and close collaboration, followed by shortening of layout tasks for memory and standard cell development utilizing the Template Assistants. Last but certainly not the least, is the detail that Custom Compiler has been validated for STMicroelectronics' 28-nm FD-SOI process technology.