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Synopsys Launches Coverity 7.7 Software Testing Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Synopsys, a software company, announced the release of Coverity 7.7 Software Testing Platform that enables the organizations to find and fix the quality and security during the early stage of software development.

The features include coverage for JavaScript that predict runtime behavior and data typing. Synopsys provides solution to find issues such as incorrect expressions, dead code, syntax errors and leaking variables. It also analyzes Objective C which is compatible with the clang compiler and finds issues such as buffer overflows, memory corruptions and race conditions. 

With the new release, security for C# has been enhanced with the acquisition of the Codenomicon AppCheck product by Synopsys. The platform also offers security report for development supply chain to show compliance and assign a security grade for each application.

The Coverity Software Testing Platform offers full support for MISRA coding standards in the automotive industry aswell. This enables expansion of the companies security testing capabilities and improve the quality and security of the software whether developed in-house or assembled from code developed by teams around the world. 

"With the release of Coverity 7.7 we continue to expand our capabilities for both quality and security testing, enabling developers to deliver better software and businesses to deliver safer, more reliable products to consumers," says Andreas Kuehlmann, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Software Integrity Group, Synopsys.