SYSTAP Introduces Two new GPU-Accelerated Technologies

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: SYSTAP, maker of Blazegraph, has launched two new technologies with graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration into the Blazegraph family referred as Blazegraph GPU and Blazegraph DASL. These technologies are created to enhance graph and machine learning applications.

SYSTAP’s new Blazegraph GPU solution, that includes NVIDIA GPUs, offers comparable performance at $18,000 per Graph edge Traversal Performance (GTEP), offering users a 10x cost advantage over conventional technology. Modern graph databases offer a dominant and efficient way to represent diverse entities and the relationships between them. Traditional SQL data structures are not sufficient for researchers and data scientists who require to survey huge data sets with complex dependencies.

The increasing levels of sophistication in terms of multi-source data streams which  are driving the growth of applications in domains such as drug discovery, recommendation systems, cyber network analysis and social networking mean the analytics must process and develop insights over data with complex dependencies from multiple, unstructured sources. So SYSTAP is introducing its two new cards into play so as to provide solution to graph and machine learning applications. “Analytics applied over complex, many-to-many data relationships hit the ‘Graph Cache Thrash’ bottleneck and grind to a halt, failing to deliver good performance or to operate at scale,” said Brad Bebee, SYSTAP CEO.

Various organizations are anticipating the introduction of this technology and are simultaneously planning to implement it; Dr. Barry Norton, ResearchSpace Development Management of the British museum said, “The museum anticipates using Blazegraph GPU to boost the power of its ‘ResearchSpace’ program, which is a collaborative environment for humanities and cultural heritage research.

Various researchers have applauded this introduction of Blazegraph GPU, “Prior to the introduction of Blazegraph GPU there was no affordable product on the market that could analyze very large graphs with appropriate performance,” said Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor. “From this perspective, Blazegraph GPU is in a class of one.”