Tackling Source Transfers Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration

By CIOReview | Monday, February 22, 2016

NEW ORLEANS, LA: Advanced Control Systems (ACS), announced that Ryan R. Meller, Manager of Technical Services at Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative, presented a paper entitled: "Tackling Source Transfers and Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) on the Distribution Grid" on Thursday. The paper presentation was regarding how Meller’s utility has leveraged the ACS Centrix automation solution to gravely improve reliability on its system and took place at the TechAdvantage Conference. ACS holds to its credit of being a leading provider of smart grid solutions and advanced automation technology to the global electric power industry.

Mr. Meller discussed on how NWREC uses the Centrix platform to automatically transfer as much of the interrupted load as possible within one minute of the loss of power supply, or in the event of a permanent fault condition that occurs on the feeder. Northwestern REC is a member-owned electric service utility, seeking innovative ways to provide reliable and economical services to improve the overall quality of life in our areas of influence. The restoration takes place without the need for operator intervention, utilizing real-time load flow calculations and automated sectionalizing devices on the feeder.

"The Centrix solution has been a great tool for our cooperative, helping us reduce outage durations significantly through automatic source transfers upon loss of power supply," said Meller. The system also enables NWREC to automatically isolate feeder faults and restore customers upstream and downstream where multi-feeder ties exist. This is made possible through the ACS Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR) application running on Centrix.

"Centrix is a field-proven solution for self-healing feeder automation," says Rob Sadler, ACS Director of Product Management. Whether delivered on Centrix or as part of the PRISM Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), ACS customers have now deployed FDIR application on thousands of feeders worldwide. “We value the trust that NWREC and all ACS customers place in us to help reduce outage times for their customers and to keep their networks operating more reliably and efficiently,” states Sadler.