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Taking the Smart Farming Curve

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

AI and other modern technologies can benefit agriculture with enhancing efficiency, regulating crop health, managing equipment remotely, and many others.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) and its subsets represent some of the newest avenues that benefit the agribusinesses to transform the conventional farming method to smart farming. With the adoption of technology like 3D-mapping, farming lands can be altered into virtual environments. So, farmers can aid remote equipment monitoring control, create different scenarios of crop cultivation, and can incorporate other things. The steps are the commencement to discover the possible layering of digital information onto the physical worlds.

Machine Learning in Agriculture

Machine learning (ML) is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The technique is derived from computational statistics through which one can feed a colossal amount of data into statistical models to train the models to identify patterns in future records.


In agriculture, ML can work on the dataset fed by the ML algorithm, and the algorithm improves over time. Farms can generate a lot of useful data on weather, crop health, soil, and more. Taking into consideration the ability of ML, agribusiness leaders need to recognize the impending value of the applications that machine learning has in the field of farming.

MR and AI: Use Cases in Smart Farming

Mixed Reality: Agricultural tools offer farmers a chance to scrutinize the crop conditions using MR-powered devices; headsets or goggles. The camera fed data is either sent to the cloud or edge-processed for full-scale ML analysis.

Computer Vision: With the type of technology, tractors and other smart farming tools can be equipped with GPS, cameras, and connectivity competent enough to handle video feed data throughput. Conversely, edge processing data can facilitate some object detection on the vehicle without the need of all data to be sent to the cloud. The computer vision system on the medium helps in detecting obstacles, harvest specific types of crops, and finding the path.

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AI-enabled Smart Irrigation: Earlier farmers used irrigators to water plants or spray chemicals. In the present day with the modernized irrigation system, the incorporation of ML technology can distinguish weeds among the crops and can spray the former with herbicides—the lesser the use of herbicide, the lower the cost and safer the foods.