Tallwaveto Assist Startups with a Full Fledged Software Development Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: Tallwave, an innovation services company launches Honeycomb , a new end-to-end service to support startups from ‘concept to revenue’. The platform amalgamates user testing, UX (User Experience) and visual design, branding, and user acquisition into the core of the product, allowing startups to leverage Tallwave's existing expertise while building new ventures.

Honeycomb aids start ups to take their products to market faster in a fully integrated, polished and validated form, adding a more robust design and software development arm to Tallwave's services. The solution offers a full fledged service completing the company's place on, integrated approach to product launch.

"This fully integrated approach to product development will prove to be a key differentiator for today's startups, particularly in the saturated technology space. Startups like Uber, Airbnb, MailChimp and Slack have each carved out new segments. Each saw success because they attacked the market with fully integrated, polished products that were tested and validated by an existing community of users, and had their branding and customer acquisition systems built into the core of the product. That's what we want to help other startups achieve," explains Jesus Ramirez, Partner and VP, Product for Tallwave.

Honeycomb by connecting the company's proven portfolio of commercialization services provides a  suite of offerings like market intelligence, prototyping and testing, branding and messaging, product development and customer acquisition strategy all of which work cohesively to help companies build products faster, while reducing risk.

"This new offering is a piece of the puzzle we've been wanting to provide for years. Our company goal is to provide an end to end solution to help launch great businesses, and now we finally have all the components in house to do so," states Jeffrey Pruitt, CEO and co-founder, Tallwave.