Tamicore's 3D Printing System for Fabric to Revolutionize Sportswear and Textile Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 24, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Investing over a decade in the research and development of a proven proprietary breakthrough textile technology, Tamicare announces that the its 3D printing system for fabric, Cosyflex, is going into mass production with a capacity of producing up to three million items per year with almost zero waste. The potentials of the new technology are huge as garments could be made cost effectively and sustainably with any number of different materials in their fabric.

As far as the smart textiles industry is concerned, Cosyflex facilitates smart manufacturing by allowing sensors and wiring to be printed along with the rest of the garment in a single process rather than having to weave or knit conductive materials into garments or attach them to a finished garment. The potential 3D printing in manufacturing smart wearables, where the garment essentially becomes the device of innovation, is huge.

For the development of smart textiles, Tamicare researchers have been working in collaboration with Tim Harper, a tech entrepreneur specializing in smart textiles and graphene. Innovations are also happening in the footwear and personal protection equipment domain in the form of building smart, strong, and lightweight materials, reports Tess for 3ders.org.

Driven by the promise of 3D printing, major sportswear brand has expressed interest in the Cosyflex technology and has signed multi-million dollar agreement with Tamicare, reports Clare Scott for 3DR Holdings. The smart technology created by the company can bring big advancements in such areas as athletic footwear, wound care, activewear, hygiene products, automotive textiles, and smart textiles.