Tanium Launches Trace; Opens New Ways to Conquer Cyber Security Breaches

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: As U.S. companies and government agencies continues to be victims of cyber attacks , Tanium, an endpoint security and system management platform startup promises assistance and enters the scene with a brand new product. Christened as ‘Trace’, it aims to give companies the ability to rapidly gather and sort information related to hacking attacks.

The new module of the Tanium Endpoint Platform helps organizations to quickly and completely understand the origin, scope and cause of a cyber attack across millions of endpoints in very less time.

Investigating cyber attack is an exhausting and expensive process, and most companies had rebuilt their entire systems even before the investigation was completed. Most often, this has left companies at stake of being victims of larger breach. But with Tanium Trace, one can significantly accelerate the process of identifying malicious activity thereby alerting the IT teams to defend incidents proactively, more accurately and quickly.

Tanium Trace can fix the previously breached system by providing security teams with visibility to take an initial lead, search, filter and visualize forensic data, and quickly piece together the puzzle about what happened on an endpoint within a given timeframe.

“Through my own experience working on countless investigations, Tanium Trace will not only save incident response teams thousands of investigative hours, but will also make the entire security process more effective and reliable,” claims Ryan Kazanciyan, Chief Security Architect at Tanium

The platform’s recording system document events in detail without letting any other tool to capture them; this not only accelerates in-depth historical analysis on a single endpoint but also uses it to identify effected systems enterprise-wide within seconds. In addition, with the detection of anomalies in the system, Trace puts forth solutions such as quarantining a machine or deploying a patch, at scale within seconds for its rectification.

With the introduction of Trace, Tanium claims to be the only platform that enables a closed-loop process for endpoint security – spanning detection, investigation, remediation and ongoing enforcement of IT security across the organization – with unprecedented speed and scale.