Tanium's Security Software 'Trace' to Diminish Cyber Attacks
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Tanium's Security Software 'Trace' to Diminish Cyber Attacks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The emerging new technical inventions have two phases where one side they fine tune the enterprises’ computing and workflow, on the other side they elevates more opportunities for cyber threats. Many organizations have taken initiative to battle this crawling cyber hazard. Tanium, a startup company that offers IT communication platform for enterprises has planned to expand their business by providing security software ‘Trace’, reports Arik Hesseldahl, re/code.

Trace will enable the U.S. companies and government agencies to instantly gather information related to hacking attacks and implement quick measures to deactivate hackers. It has capability to fast check the security status of any system connected to network by performing 15 second investigation throughout every segments of enterprise and install patches required to update software.

Organizations can reduce the risk of costly security breaches as Trace can dive into historical hacking information to clear threat from its roots. It scans for complex ‘Indicators of Compromise’ (IOC) across every endpoint at enterprise scale and automates threat detection. Trace can easily connect to any external threat intelligence feeds and supports like OpenIOC, Yara, STIX and TAXII. It mechanism which includes from killing process to deploying patches in all networks, significantly reduce help desk calls and develop incident response lifecycle.

Tanium consider Trace as among its several strategies to bolster their business into system and security. Their other measure is hiring David Damato as their chief security officer who was former FireEye Managing Director. It take hours to counter a breach which empower hackers more therefore responding to a breach within a quick time frame is crucial, says David Damato.