TD Bank's Investment in Bullfrog Power's Green Fuel to Unblemish Energy Source

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 2, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Practical green energy usage is better choice to lower toxic environmental change which occurs through green house gases. TD Bank, a national bank chartered and managed by the federal office of the controller of the currency; believes in eradicating emission of carbon which is produced through banking related transportation. In this brink they will be utilizing Bullfrog Power’s Green Fuel for their Toronto’s Beck Taxi.

Bullfrog Power offers its customers renewable energy sources like wind, low-impact hydro and green bio gas that serves as alternative to fossil fuel-based natural gas. Bullfrog Power’s Green Fuel is launched to replace liquid fossil fuels like diesel, gasoline and jet fuel liters-for-liters which are used in the transportation system of organizations.

Bullfrog Power’s Green Fuel product sources from biodiesel producers to recycle waste streams such as cooking oils from restaurants and kitchen facilities. They work with renewable energy developers and operators to establish an appropriate energy system consisting green energy. Green fuel is audited by Deloitte, a consulting and risk management service provider to verify amount of green fuel injected into fuel system of customer as well as calculate volume of green house gas emission has been reduced from fuel system.

Green fuel enhances the demand of cleaner energy product in market and fund bio-fuel producers grow their business at critical stages which appeal more production of environment friendly energy sources. Earlier TD Bank in a verge to reduce usage of petroleum supported use of public transit and invested in video conferencing, but later it realized the need to change fuel supply.

 According to Karen Clarke Whistler, Chief Environment Officer, TD Bank, employing Bullfrog Power’s Green Fuel will empower them with cleaner energy source which is a sound low-carbon alternative totraditional petroleum based transportation fuel.