Tech Alliance between WizNucleus and Tripwire for Combining Security with Compliance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: Tripwire and WizNucleus has announced a technology partnership combining real-time security operations with compliance for critical IT infrastructure protection. Being a part of the Tripwire NERC Alliance Network, WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) adds configuration and change management through centralized evidence collection from Tripwire's NERC Solution Suite. This powerful combination gives mutual customers an integrated approach to security and NERC CIP compliance.

"There is definitely a need in the electric power industry for tools like WizNucleus CWP as the NERC CIP standards for the industry have become more complex, encompassing more devices than ever before," according to Bill Addington, CEO, Intellibind Technologies, "Integrating with the Tripwire NERC Solution Suite automates more of the compliance and security process, making it easier for utilities to manage and report on cyber device status at a near real time level. This capability reduces the risk of non-compliance with the standards."

WizNucleus CWP automatically imports configuration data from Tripwire into its relational database to establish a NERC CIP baseline of record. Customers can also add additional devices to the baseline that may not have Tripwire installed. Customers can then use the full NERC CIP workflow engine in CWP to enforce change management policies and create an audit trail.

"Not only does the combination of WizNucleus CWP and Tripwire NERC Solution Suite satisfy NERC CIP compliance efforts, it improves operational security as well," said Leo Cole, President WizNucleus. "Integrating a robust configuration and change management solution with operational security improves the overall operations of the IT and OT environment."

"We're pleased to have WizNucleus join the NERC Alliance Network," said Tim Erlin, Director of Product Management, Tripwire. "WizNucleus' technology integrated with Tripwire's NERC Solution Suite provides our energy customers with a more comprehensive and efficient solution for achieving and demonstrating NERC CIP Compliance."