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Tech Innovations for Modern Trucking Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 13, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Increased fuel prices, shortage of laborers and environmental hazards have shaded the trucking industry. Today, with the advance in science and technology, people are bestowed with several tech innovations like telematics, route optimization and mobile services. Undoubtedly all these developments are being used by the operators for designing a tech oriented trucking industry.

Wheels of yesteryears were meant only for a smooth and faster transportation, but now trucking can be done in a more cost effective and efficient manner. Tech innovations like telematics are deployed widely in the automotive sector which in turn triggered automation in vehicles. Emergency warning systems, Global Positioning System navigation, integrated hand free cellphones and automatic driving assistance have made the tech industry to come out of its blemishes.

In an interview to Densie Deveau for FINANCIAL POST Andrew Rozko, Vice President of sales for Descartes Systems Group said, “Telematics is how you understand your fuel spends. Putting a black box on your vehicle lets you go after the low-hanging fruit such as idling times, speed and general logistics information.”Rozko also claims that telematics alone has the potential to offer 5 percent rise in productivity.

 Today, surge in fuel price is yet another matter of concern. As a means to skirt this problem, route optimization technique has come to the dais which helps people to make transportation planning. With the help of this technology, people can easily track traffic jams and construction works. It also helps the logistics firms to mould a better transportation management system which helps in identifying poor delivery lanes and online marketplaces.

Likewise, mobile services and customized apps also tried their hands in making the trucking industry more modernized and attractive. A driver, now in his android device can have all essential data regarding the vehicle and can send them to the respective authorities if needed.

However all these tech trends have their own role to play in reducing maintenance needs, lowering labour requirements, improving fuel efficiency and boosting up productivity.

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