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Tech Trends that Disrupt Workspace

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In a fiercely competitive world of today, companies are experiencing a two-fold competition from its market peers. One is in delivering the best and the other is in accumulating the best workforce quality to continually deliver the best. With millennials fast becoming a dominant number in the workspace of today, in addition, it’s no wonder that adoption of newer technologies have become imperative for firms to keep its workspace engaged and efficient on the long run. Solutions based on advanced technologies like the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Big Data have become the fuel to propel firms on this motive.

Here is a synopsis of some common technology trends in workspace management for firms belonging to any industry.

With as-a-service offerings going on the boom, Device-as-a-service (Daas) is about to become one of the hottest trends by the year 2019. However, with personal computing devices such as due to Daas proliferating rapidly in the workspace, connected environments come up as the second feature on this list. By Unified End-point Management platforms, desktops and mobile devices belonging to any department of an organization will be seamlessly connected in secure, collaborative environments to enable employees to connect everyone everywhere, anytime will become more common. The third on the list goes to AI solutions and the adoption of AI technologies is bound to see an exponential rise with every year. To round off the list, by 2020, most employees would be able to leverage the advantages of VR and AR on their work devices to boost work efficiencies and overall productivity.


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