Technological Advancement for Automobiles

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Ford Motor is working with Pivotal Software Inc to incorporate advanced software development methods in their car making process, to boost up its Ford’s software capabilities, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Ford Chief Executive Mark Fields expects this partnership to give their company “really advanced software development methods and cloud tech skills at a speed at which we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.” Cloud computing here implies use of a network of remote servers that help in data storage and in running applications.

Both the companies worked together while building another software platform called FordPass, which transformed Ford’s identity from an auto company to mobility services. FordPass has a smart phone app meant for car owners that helps to park, share or deal recovery problems of their vehicles.

“As we look at tech and software and how it is opening whole new areas for us to provide experiences for consumers, it is important that we get a level of fluency in software”, adds Fields.

This Pivotal-Ford investment is a part of a $253 million project that includes initial contribution from Microsft Corp. and brings Pivotal’s value to $2.8 Bn. The deal is expected to complete this month with regulatory approval.

Ford was in the client list of Pivotal and Ford CIO Marcy Klevorn will join Pivotal’s board from this joint venture.

The Pivotal investment also benefits for Microsoft Corp., which runs Pivotal software, Cloud Foundry, on its Azure cloud. In January Ford partnered Amazon, Microsoft's chief competitor for Azure, to allow drivers control lights, thermostats, security systems of home from their vehicles using devices called Echo.

San Francisco based Pivotal has partnered with other automobile pioneers like Volkswagen AG, Europe’s largest auto maker as per sales. This partnership at Volkswagen’s Berlin-based Digital Lab aimed network customers for their software and mobility trends in 2016.