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Technological Innovations in the Fashion Industry

By CIOReview | Monday, May 13, 2019

The technological progression over the last few years have brought significant changes to the world. Many industries have undergone rapid transformations owing to the recent technological innovations, and the fashion industry is one of them. Major tech companies have started investing in the fashion business. The integration of technology in the fashion industry is not only enhancing innovation but is also paving the way for smart and sustainable clothing.

The utilization of computers has equipped designers with enhanced tools to design new styles and patterns. It has also empowered them to create innovative designs using bioengineered leather and textiles. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with CAD software has opened new doors for fashion designers, improving not only the efficiency but also the quality of the final product.

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In the world today, social media has become the primary platform to showcase and market fashion products and promote a unique lifestyle. Leveraging AI and ML with social media is helping organizations create data mining pools, allowing marketers to promote and sell their products. The information gathered from social media is utilized by fashion brands to design and produce according to consumer preferences. Fashion designers can also leverage AI and ML to predict trends in today’s rapidly changing world.

AI also helps in reducing the negative impact of manufacturing and production processes. Major fashion brands are adopting AI technology to produce sustainable clothing with recycled fabrics, organic materials, and other recyclable substances. Going forward, more resources and investments will be diverted toward the development of eco-friendly projects.

3D printing has also been adopted in the fashion industry. It is easily accessible to the general public, which offers multiple opportunities for the evolution of fashion technology in the mass market. It also enables designers to enhance their designing processes and come up with quality products in no time. With this technology, it is possible to create clothing by combining different raw materials.

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Besides, the technological evolution in the fashion industry has made customization of garment easier. The integration of AI and ML technologies into the fashion industry is not only helping streamline the designing and production process but is also aiding in creating new sustainable fashion trends.