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Technologies Aiding Artificial Intelligence Revolution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

threat managementArtificial intelligence (AI) has transformed almost all industries. Organizations looking forward to enhancing their operations must incorporate AI in their business process. Apart from analyzing and exploring the key technologies that spur the growth of AI will be interesting to do. The key technologies that are fueling AI with rapid and more efficient communication, memory processing, and interactions are the following.

Big Data Analytics

It is the process of evaluating a mass, varying data sets to identify patterns, customer preferences, market trends, correlations, and insights to facilitate decision making. Using statistical algorithms and predictive models analytics assists organizations to tailor enhanced marketing procedures, identifying new revenue-generating opportunities, improve customer service delivery and operational efficiency, and spur competitive advantage.

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Cognitive Computing

It is used to expedite speech recognition, reasoning, natural language processing, dialog generation, and object recognition. Research says that AI and cognitive computing systems will increase shortly.

Cloud Technologies

Organizations can store unlimited amounts of data with cloud technology. Cloud and AL have a symbiotic relationship, cloud handling the fundamental source of information that augments AI networks and AI networks augment the cloud with massive data. Cloud platforms aid critical AI foundations including machine learning, cloud computing, and language processing. It acts as a core competitive advantage driver.

Network Security

The increasing occurrence of cyber attacks and data breaches makes network security a priority. As organizations strive to foolproof their sensitive customer data, AI will help them to identify access, management, governance, encryption, unified threat management, risk and compliance, and event, and security information. Companies are currently searching encryption services to protect data stored in customer's devices and to use customer information in the cloud safely.


The core component in digital capabilities, semiconductors are enabling electronic devices and computers, and AI is spurring new semiconductor capabilities and designs. Industry leaders are designing new strategies of accelerating performance and minimizing data processing power through deep learning and machine learning.

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