Technologies Changing the Waste Management Practices at Hotel
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Technologies Changing the Waste Management Practices at Hotel

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The management of waste in hotels is a crucial factor in terms of safety and hygiene. With the influx of technology in the field, the systems are simplified and encourage cost savings.  

FREMONT, CA: The scale of the hotel is essential in the smooth running of day-to-day tasks. The continuous search for the secret sauce to boost the bottom line and streamline operational efficiencies is unending and meticulous. In the chaos of maintaining the semblance of order in the restaurant, several areas like waste management may fall to the back burner. When it comes to waste management, it should be noted that one size does not fit all. The hotel needs a thoroughly surveyed and evaluated system of waste management. An audit needs to be conducted to design the policies, procedures, and staff practices to be set in motion.

With the help of technology gaining attention in waste management, the systems can be incorporated to transform the waste management practices:

Track and Analyze Waste:

A monitoring system can oversee all the processes with detailed parameters like waste receptacle fullness, the status of the whole power unit, oil temperature, container connections, and system operating performance. With systems like this in place, the hotel can optimize the landfill diversion and leverage waste that can be recycled to cut down costs. When working with a third party service provider, the tracking system can be chosen to make it suitable for the hotel, and the depth of details is also altered. These changes can be carried out to reduce costs and generate critical metrics in reports to analyze the progress in the waste management program.  

Waste Management Meets IoT:

IoT can assist in saving costs and time by enabling a real-time tracking system with remote access. It allows the hotelier to monitor the dumpster, compactor, and baler waster whenever necessary, from any device desirable.

For obtaining a simplified method of keeping tabs on the disposal machines at the hotel, an IoT-based smart trash-compactor monitoring system can enable real-time access to the equipment.

It will provide not only a full check up on every process but also equipment status, fullness, and controls. These benefits can be directly converted to a process that decreases the expenses and assists in the optimization of time and resources.

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