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Technology: A Sustainability Enabler for Hospitality Professionals

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Rapid technological advancements have taken place in restaurants, retail, and healthcare, and a direct crossover of them is imminent. From Big Data, AI, and Chatbots to IoT, cloud management, and robotics, innovations are rolling out at a dizzying rate.

FREMONT, CA: The hospitality industry, one that has conventionally run in siloed technology environments, is now taking a plunge into cloud, biometrics, IoT, and Chatbots to streamline its processes. The speedy integration of technology into the travel sector had begun its journey with the incorporation of AI. From customization and marketing to revenue management and pricing, AI has become a key player.

The Rise of AI:

The advancements in data storage and computer processing had made it possible for processors to ingest and analyze more data than ever. With each interaction with customers, AI-enabled communication channels are learning faster and adapting to customer needs accordingly. The reality is that human intelligence can no longer keep up with the influx of data being generated by today’s technology.

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Time to Automate Business Processes:

If an enterprise is not automating its business, it will be left behind. Now is the time to tap into the facilities of automation. The direct integration of AI and automation has grown pervasive in all business sectors, and the travel industry is not lagging.  In retail, add-on items are suggested more effectively, and in healthcare, the success of specific treatments can be more quickly understood.

By leveraging advanced analytics, the hospitality sector can also use the full potential of automated processes to provide better decision-making power. Technology platforms that consolidate data to increase efficiency and enhance AI systems will not only help hotel operators to make better decisions but also enhance the guest experience.

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The Convergence of Technological Advances:

The convergence and the subsequent integration of technology into daily life is no longer an overachievement. It has become the standard, particularly as it relates to the guest experience. The real advancement developing in the industry today are integrated distribution strategies and their intertwined relationships with sales, marketing, loyalty programs, and revenue management to streamline the guest experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

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