Technology Advisors Declares a New Affiliation with Viabl

By CIOReview | Monday, February 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Technology Advisors, a consulting firm specializing in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies and technology solutions, recently announced a partnership with relationship automation software provider, Viabl.

Viabl translates CRM data into actionable intelligence through its relationship automation functionality that keeps businesses up to date with the status of relationships with their clients. The system is devised in such a way that it sends alerts to the user's CRM dashboard when they need to reach out to a client. It also provides the option of creating a customizable e-mail or using a fully automated response.

"It is our goal to enhance the world's relationships," says Josh Sweeney, Founder of Viabl. "Adding a leading CRM partner like Technology Advisors is an amazing opportunity and gives their customers the ability to increase value from CRM."

"We're constantly seeking the most dynamic and advanced solutions for our customers, so when we saw Viabl's capabilities, we knew it was the right match," says Technology Advisors CEO, Sam Biardo. "The product adds a new layer of communication to the traditional CRM and integrates seamlessly with Sugar, which makes it of great value to our client base."

Technology Advisors is a leading consulting company that specializes in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies and technology solutions, since 1991. They deliver Consulting, Project Management, Support, and Training and provide clients marketing automation, sales automation, customer service and support, call center, analytics, mobile and social solutions, both ‘in the Cloud’ and On-Premise. Technology Advisors developed Starfish ETL, a robust tool that simplifies the complexity of migrating and integrating back office and customer facing systems with tremendous flexibility, power and speed.

Viabl is driven by the focus to solve the challenge of making customer relationship management (CRM) more proactive. Even though, CRM is inherently customer-centric, these systems aren’t configured to initiate contact between businesses and customers. Viabl does this by using an automated process called relationship automation. Relationship automation lets you know when the people that are important to you need to be reached out to.