Technology Brings Paradigm Shift in Patient Care
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Technology Brings Paradigm Shift in Patient Care

By CIOReview | Friday, April 13, 2018

A decade ago, very few had envisioned that technology would play a larger role in transforming patient care as it was primarily used to maintain patient records or issue bills. Now, technology has been not just delivering patient care but also improving healthcare service delivery. Today, numerous tools and services are at the forefront of making healthcare more accessible. Information Technology is at the core of democratizing the patient care and driving down the cost of care. Through digital devices, healthcare practitioners and providers can easily track the patient behavior and treatment. They can also use proactive measures to treat patients and prevent advancement of illness.

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While healthcare practitioners and providers utilize the cloud, analytics, and mobility to deliver healthcare services even in the remotest part of the country, cost of care remains insignificant factor unlike earlier. As cloud simplifies patient data aggregation and analysis, healthcare practitioners can make data-driven decisions and treat patients in real-time. With larger data-sets, healthcare providers and practitioners can study patient population and derive more insights. As cloud and mobility facilitate ease of accessibility, even patients can easily check the medical records and consult physicians.

By leveraging the power of analytics, healthcare organizations can determine the critical factors that impact patient health. As health analysis can be stored in the cloud and shared in real-time, diagnosing patients with readily available insights and the information is a simpler task. Though critics point out how technology is converting patient care into a mechanical process, improved patient care prove them wrong.