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Technology is Driving Efficiency in the Logistics Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, April 6, 2018

The logistics industry is experiencing changes due to the technological advancements. Many software solution providers are coming up with innovative solutions with the sole motive to improve efficiency in the logistics industry. Evolving customer and supplier behavior is forcing wholesalers and retailers to change the way they carry out their business. Although technology solutions and platforms are benefiting the logistics industry, the fact that data exists in disparate areas has become a challenge for the industry. The logistics industry needs a “single source of truth” to achieve efficiencies through up-to-the-minute data tracking solution. Having access to comprehensive data through a single dashboard allows the stakeholders—customers, partners, and employees of an organization—to have better visibility of the workflow.

With fast changing technology implementations, companies in the retail and manufacturing industry, for instance, have to now look for technology solutions that can align with the growing demands and expectations in better management of data. Technology specialists who have their finger on the pulse of the market are in a better position to deliver the solutions. With these solutions it is expected that the organizations will be able to address the need for greater efficiency and visibility across the supply chain.

As one of the most complex business areas, logistics and supply chain inherently involves multiple players and demands greater collaboration for effective results. To this end, many technology companies are headways in developing tools that augment the communication abilities of the stakeholders. It can be said that logistics and supply chain today is at the core of digital disruption.

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