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Technology Rejuvenation - The New Mantra Of Printing Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FREMONT, CA: The quick adoption of innovative technologies is one of the significant matters that impacted worldwide printing industries in 2013. Even though undergoing a difficult condition due to declining requisite for printing and undesirable effects of the recession, along with competition from digital methods, the printing industry was able to enhance its deliverables and competence with innovative technologies, creating novel products for the customers.

The requirement of printing services for book, newspaper and magazine publishing has gained the industry annual revenues of $76.6bn last year. After analyzing the U.S. commercial printing industry, the business research company Freedonia Group come to the conclusion that printing revenue of the U.S. will go up to 2.1 percent yearly throughout 2014. The lithographic printing will stay foremost but will be unable to find market share to process high-quality print solutions to short print runs, for example, digital printing.

With most software companies are on the verge of entering into new fields like 3D printing in 2014, conventional printing vendors are also seeking to obtain the benefit of the budding technology by tying up with foremost manufacturer's 3D printers. According to the experts, the legislation-Global directive on Packaging Waste/Waste Strategy and the Climate Charge Levy-new energy tax on business will have an impact on printing industry in 2014. Annually the energy and fuel costs will hike to 20 percent and the ISO 14001 certification benefits-lesser prices by smaller quantity energy and economic inducements like taxes, charges and trade permits.

The companies should keep in mind the potential key to success - providing 'solutions' to customers by operating a Document/Print/Solutions Management/Workflow Solutions Program and systematically checking the methods and the people through which business can be managed.

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