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Technology Remodeling the Entertainment Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The entertainment industry has transformed enormously, and technology's contribution is modernizing the way we see the entertainment sector.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is continually changing, and innovative technology is transforming how customers acquire and consume their favorite entertainment. Big boxes with small screens brought family entertainment to a new level. While cable and dish networks continue to be popular, consumers are supplementing that with live streaming pay-for-services video providers. Technology has helped the entertainment industry to grow impressively. There are specific ways, how the tech is helping the industry grow tremendously.

• Communication and Technology

The changes in the entertainment industry have been drastic over the past days. It can be coined as the perfect storm gravitating towards the entertainment industry. Technology and communication are factors for the growth of high-speed broadband networks entering homes. Retailers have a large portion of the power of distribution as they can decide what consumers want to buy at any time at a desirable price.

• Online Platforms Coming into the Scene

Having online platforms are enabling content to be distributed, and facilitating the creation of the content is significant. These are consumer-centric and are based on customer-specific preferences. 

• New Streaming Media

Online streaming pay-for-services providers tend to rely on external parties for their content heavily. Such providers took the uppercut of producing their content, and now the consumers have non-linear methods that they can access this content.

• User Subscription

Traditional media giants have dealt with user subscription to their channels. There are many streaming pay-for-services providers to be drawing a lot of attention and loyalty from its consumer base. The need to look for alternatives once signed is not required, and the initial core of clients that traditional giants can work with becomes limited.

Technology has revolutionized the entertainment business, and shows all the signs of further growth; it will continually evolve to cater to the entertainment industry. A hint for the sector to prosper is to keep developing!