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Technology Upgrade for Automated Sales Solutions

By CIOReview | Friday, April 15, 2016

Vantage Production, has recently released its VIP technologyRED BANK, N.J: A leading provider of advanced mortgage-industry focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Vantage Production, has recently released its VIP technology (VIP 2.0). The technology upgrade promises to incur much help in the corporate finance stream for the lenders, loan originators in CRM, marketing and automated sales solutions.

“VIP 2.0 is a powerful, compliant automated mortgage CRM that is designed to increase productivity for both lenders and individual originators alike,” said Sue Woodard, President and CEO, Vantage Production. “The new upgrade offers a one point of entry, simplified, automated mortgage marketing suite that is fully integrated across sales, marketing, and credit bureaus."

Shalisa Mohamed, CTO, Vantage Production, stated, “With the VIP 2.0 upgrade we have thoroughly recrafted the User Interface or the User Experience (UI/UX). The entire platform is accessible and designed around the originators daily schedule, leads and tasks. The upgrade will now allow for a simple, fast and easy to use automated platform.”

Ryan Stillwell, COO, Vantage Production remarked, "The new dashboard is truly an attention management system. It is fast—with the entire platform just one click away; simple—designed around core daily schedules, leads and tasks; and focused—developed for loan officers to prioritize their days in real time.” 

“The VIP 2.0 upgrade’s new dashboard helps the originators to prioritize their important days and activities in real-time. The new workflows provide data and guidance designed for a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) to experience optimized sales and marketing results,” said Sue. “VIP MLOs are able to receive a daily email with a composite summary of key information, including market information, appointments, leads and tasks for that day, milestones of loans in progress, client birthdays and anniversaries.”

Stilwell further remarked “Additionally, administrators have the ability to set up workflows within the CRM that contain automated emails, tasks and appointments based on contact status changes as they work with leads, prospects, partners, closed loans, and recruits."