TECSYS' Latest Supply Chain Platform Tackles Complex Distribution Fulfillment Challenges
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TECSYS' Latest Supply Chain Platform Tackles Complex Distribution Fulfillment Challenges

By CIOReview | Monday, June 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: TECSYS’ latest Supply Chain platform release puts proven innovations, software elasticity, compliance and optimum user experience at the forefront of complex distribution fulfillment challenges brought about by volatile product demand in the Internet of Things and Omni-Channel distribution era.

TECSYS’ Supply Chain Platform is a technology infrastructure on which all of TECSYS’ applications are built. It is a robust, scalable and extendable platform that can adapt to complexity level, size and need of a variety of clients. With TECSYS’ Platform, supply chain organizations can significantly optimize business processes, make more informed decisions, accelerate growth, meet customer needs and delight their customers.

A Paradigm Shift with a Proven Platform Technology

Industry leaders are embracing their transformation with TECSYS’ platform as they begin to rethink their supply chain in the Internet of Things era and start using technology not just to improve their internal processes, but also as a driver of growth.

TECSYS’ Supply Chain Platform Distinctive Capabilities Include:

Exclusive Visual Content (Visual Logistics) Application

At the core of TECSYS’ Supply Chain Platform are the Company’s patented visual content as well as Visual-On-Voice applications. They are providing visual and visual with voice instructions to workers and empowering them to become significantly more efficient and accurate, at the same time enabling them to become increasingly responsive to their clients.

Robust Execution

Using innovative technology and processes, TECSYS’ supply chain platform is already responding to the challenges of complex supply chains.

According to a leading industry analyst, TECSYS’ visual logistics technology allows users to perform sophisticated tasks in the supply chain market without any delays, a feat that is not possible with competing WMS technologies that are mainly text based and applicable only for a specific function. The TECSYS WMS is developed on a complete supply chain execution platform that allows the merging of information obtained from various application segments and databases into a single query. It is also the only solution in the market that allows users to adapt and personalize the WMS according to their specific and ever-evolving needs.”

Increased Ease of Personalisation & Use

TECSYS’ Platform fluid adaptability is enabling supply chain leaders to transform their supply chain on-the-go.  Non-technical staff are able to optimize daily, critical processes using TECSYS’ user friendly personalization engine.

According to the leading industry analyst firm’s Vice President, Research Supply Chain Management, “TECSYS has a differentiated vision, architecture and solutions; these allow users to exploit visual information to improve process execution. The vendor’s visual content goes well beyond just adding pictures to textual data — it allows users to control, through rules, where visual information will add value, what visual information will improve the process, and for whom and when visual information is needed to make processes work more effectively. The vendor has a unique and flexible approach to visibility; its platform allows users to pull data from multiple sources within TECSYS’ applications as well as from outside data sources. Users can then assemble this data to create real-time personalized views, filtering and organizing the data as needed.”

Harnessing True Scalability

TECSYS’ Platform elasticity optimizes client’s supply chain as their business scales. Its scalability accommodates the constant flux in business models and volatile product demands.

Expanding Customers Supply Chain Capabilities for Growth

TECSYS’ Platform provides supply chain leaders with expanded supply chain capabilities beyond warehouse management thus enabling to deliver the highest value to their customers. Such expanded capabilities include Distribution & Transportation Management, Business Analytics, Financial Management, Demand Planning, Requisition Management, and 3PL Billing Management. Customers can also expand their supply chain capabilities by developing their own unique applications using the easy-to-use TECSYS Platform technology.

Further Ahead in Compliance

TECSYS’ platform delivers critical visibility and compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) lot-level traceability requirements including EDI 856 and other regulatory requirements as they come into effect in the months and years to come. TECSYS will continue to be at the forefront of these regulatory requirements to equip its customers with the required technology and expert knowhow to meet government and regulatory standards.

Richard Beeny, Co-Founder & CEO of LifeScience Logistics, stated: “With TECSYS’ supply chain platform we have built a great business model. It was one of the major pillars on which we started LifeScience Logistics that has enabled us to grow to a multimillion dollar company. When our customers outsource their supply chain operations to us, they’re looking for the best value, quality, and flexibility. These are the same values we have gotten from TECSYS, giving us and our healthcare customers peace of mind and enabling us to provide them with a full range of standard and specialized services scalable to their changing needs.”

“TECSYS’ suite of software brings government and commercial best practices to your doorstep. It will revolutionize how business is conducted in the healthcare arena. The Return on Investment is solid. If you are looking for innovation to become a front-runner in the industry, then you should look at TECSYS’ portfolio of products. I did look and did not find anyone with the same depth and breadth of a superior Warehouse Management System platform as TECSYS,”commented Donna Van Vlerah, Vice President, Supply Chain Parkview Health.

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