Tek Yantra: Empowering Technology To Better Serve Public
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Tek Yantra: Empowering Technology To Better Serve Public

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2022

We are the full-service consulting firm that specializes in end-to-endsolutions for businesses looking to build, migrate, manage, secure, andoptimize their digital cloud strategic initiatives.


Our services assist you in migrating to the cloud for the benefits of flexibility,speed, resilience, and scalability over traditional IT models.

1. Managed Cloud Services

• DevSecOps as a Service(CI/CD/CS)

• Managed Data Services

• Managed Web Hosting

• Managed Site Reliability Engineering

2. Data Services

• Modernize existing data pipelines andprocesses.

• AWS data lakes and data pipelines,Redshift, Elastic.

Azure Data Factory and data pipelines.

• Relation databases on cloud built,migration, and manage.

• Disaster recovery and backup to cloud.

3. Government Services

• Compliance and enable governance for cloud work loads.

• Data Security and audit trail configuration.

• Legacy systems to cloud native services migration.

• Hybrid cloud on premise and cloud adaptation.

• Integrate mainframes to cloud work loads.

• Complex data center migration to cloud.

• Quick remediation for on premise viability issues and hybridcloud.

• Experience in handling high volume public facing websites.

• Security in handling high volume public facing websites.

• Security and Architecture review for public web applicationsand data.

• DevOps services for legacy code repositories andinfrastructure.

4. Cloud Adaption andCloud Migration Service

• Cloud Adaption Strategy

• Migration from existing

• Cloud to other Cloud

• Quick Remediation

• Hybrid Services(On premise & Cloud)

5. DevSecOps Services

• Manage agile best practices.

• Storyboard management and sprint management.

• Team Capacity Management

• DevSecops too chain adoption and management.

• Code vulnerability management and assessment.

• CI/CD [pipeline build and support with automation.

• Load, Performance, Availability, and redundancytesting.


Our focused and innovative product approach is derived from the cumulativeexperience of our team members and as a result of their combined practicalbusiness experience with Cloud, Data, and DevSecOps technology deliverycapabilities, we are able to comprehend the Client’s business require-ments,propose respectigve solutions and creative strategies in line with the vision of thebusiness and execute the business plan by building or implementing high qualityscalable IT solutions through the use of latest cutting edge Technologies. Ourproducts are able to speak for themselves. We make certain that the quality isnot compromised. We are committed to ensuring the stability, security,scalability, and avail-ability of the system.


RoconPaaS & WordPress as a Service

is a modern container platform that allows you to build cloud-native web applications with built-incontinuous integration and delivery. As an offering, this platform is customized for WordPresswork loads, meaning your Word-Press websites run on a Container platform that can scale to servemillions of concurrent users, is secure, and has zero downtime.

RoconPaaS includes infrastructure—servers, storage, and networking—but also middleware,development tools, business intelligence (BI) services, database management systems, and more.PaaS is designed to support the complete web application lifecycle: building, testing, deploying,managing, and updating.

Benefits of RoconPaaS

RoconPaaS allows you to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing softwarelicenses, the underlying application infrastructure and middleware, container orchestrators such asKubernetes, or the development tools and other resources. You manage the applications andservices you develop, and the cloud service provider typically manages everything else.

• Reduce the time it takes to code.

Pre-coded application components built into the platform, such as workflow, directory services,security features, search, and so on, can reduce the time it takes to code new apps using RoconPaaSdevelopment tools.

• Boost your development capabilities without hiring more people.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Components can provide new capabilities to your development teamwithout the need to hire additional personnel with the necessary skills.

• Easily develop for multiple platforms, including mobile.

TekYantra is among the cloud service providers who offer development options for multipleplatforms, including computers, mobile devices, and browsers, making cross-platform appdevelopment faster and easier.

• Make use of high-tech tools on a budget.

Individuals and organisations can use sophisticated development software as well as businessintelligence and analytics tools on a pay-as-you-go basis, which they couldn't afford to buy outrightbefore.

• Facilitate development teams that are spread across the globe.

Since the development environment is accessible via the Internet, development teams cancollaborate on projects even if members are located in different parts of the world

• Manage the application lifecycle effectively.

RoconPaaSprovides all of the capabilities you'll need to support the entire web application lifecycle:development, testing, deployment, management, and updating all in one place.