Telecom Review Features DoubleHorn as a Cloud Brokerage Business expert

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 8, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Today, more and more companies are shifting applications and data to cloud, making choosing of right cloud a difficult task. Depending on the user base and complexity of the systems involved, one company may be all that’s needed, or it could be a mix of three or four vendors.

In the past year, a new service has come up to help agencies in identifying the best cloud providers. DoubleHorn Communications is recently been featured in Telecom Review as a cloud business expert .

 In an interview to Telecom Review Schadt, CEO, DoubleHorn Communications said, “As a business owner myself, I wholeheartedly understand the challenges and needs of our customers. When I consider the success our team has had in creating a reliable brand and providing exceptional value to small businesses, I am truly happy, especially when I look ahead to all the future opportunities we have to help our customers succeed."

DoubleHorn Communications has been awarded a contract to deliver three service areas for the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) including Cloud Assessment Services, Cloud Broker Services and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

DoubleHorn Communications provides Cloud Assessment Services that focus on planning, migration and on-going operations of Cloud deployments. Cloud Assessment Services may be purchased with or without IaaS and Brokered Cloud Services offerings.

DoubleHorn is uniquely positioned to offer a range of Cloud Brokerage Services to accommodate the need to move to the cloud without straining internal resources. According to Gartner, Cloud Services Brokerages fulfill three primary roles like Aggregation Brokerage, Customization Brokerage or Integration Brokerage. While brokerages typically fulfill one of these roles, some offer services that span two or three of these roles.