TeleCommunication Systems Now Own 14 Reputed U.S. Patents in Wireless Communication Category

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 6, 2015

ANNAPOLIS, MD: A reliable wireless communication technology, TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), has announced the acceptance of 14 new Patents: 12 awarded and two purchased from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Out of the 14 U.S. Patents, prominent 3 innovations are based on ensuring public safety and GIS related.

Index of Suspicion Determination for Communications Request: Prank Calls to the emergency call centers poses serious threat to public safety, leading to loss of life or resource in the course of emergency response. These call centers require a mode to determine whether an incoming call is valid or prank. A patent has been awarded to resolve this particular concern where it describes a technique to assess the incoming call in accordance with an index rating, based on the given location, known call history of the device and other historical data.

Location Derived Presence Information: Due to the rapid increase in the usage of smart phones, more than a million applications are developed. Many of these apps track the device location and checks for device “presence” to know if the device is on wireless network. The patent focuses on the methods to reduce network traffic as well as provide device presence and location information.

Image Tile Server:  Multiple image tiles are required to render map data when accessing traditional map and navigation applications on smart phones. Retrieving map tiles from a central server used for a nationwide navigation would result in a number of repeated requests from the application resulting in data bottlenecks and delay. This problem is solved using an intermediate image tile server that caches recently viewed image files for faster retrieval and enhanced user experience.

"This patent portfolio protects our products, provides opportunities for royalties, and assists us in defending claims against our products directly and under indemnification provisions of contracts with major customers," states Maurice B. Tose, Chairman, President and CEO of TCS.