Telect Announces the Future of Visitor Management System: Weckey
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Telect Announces the Future of Visitor Management System: Weckey

By CIOReview | Friday, August 22, 2014

LIBERTY LAKE, WA:  Telect, data center and telecom network infrastructure equipment manufacturer announces a smart guestbook and visitor management system along with the startup Weckey. The app has been made available on the App Store for iPad after beta testing it in several industries like education, bio-med/tech, telecom, marketing software, and coworking environments.

Guests can check in using the Weckey app on an iPad installed in a business' lobby, without the assistance of a receptionist. Once the guest signs-in through the app, the business connection is alerted with a text or email of the guest's arrival. The notification comprises of the guest's name and photo. For ensuring security, an identification badge with the name and photo of the visitor is also issued by Weckey.

"Every lobby should have a smart guestbook sign-in and a confidential, secure way to manage guest traffic," says Mitch Williams, Weckey President and CEO. "Weckey improves office security, with time-stamped records and a photo of each visitor. Weckey also securely stores guest information in the cloud, for visibility on who is coming in and out of the office. We're inspiring efficiency with this twenty-first century guestbook."

"Security is a huge issue today," says Wayne Williams, Telect President and CEO as well as Weckey Co-Inventor, and Chairman of the Board for Weckey. "Weckey provides a security barrier, and it has also helped us, at Telect, manage the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) security criteria for the Department of Homeland Security."