Telematics and Telemetry Set to Witness Monumental Growth: Report
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Telematics and Telemetry Set to Witness Monumental Growth: Report

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: An overview of telematics technology has been revealed in a new market research titled- Telematics: Technology, Business Opportunity and Patent Analysis. Another research titled Global Telemetry Market by Application, Technology, Sensors, Components, & Geography - Forecasts & Analysis (2014-2020) analyses drivers, restraints, challenges that influence the telemetry market and opportunities for growth.

Booming Telematics

The telematics market report 2015 on technology, business opportunities and patent analysis provides an overview of telematics market development and its outlook; examines strategic and patent deployment of established players in the industry. It also incorporated R&D intensity ranking of 30 major assignees and the analysis of the 10 most important telematics patents. The report has highlighted the rise of telematics technologies over the past years, touching on 27 key technology fields for use in vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, fleet management, satellite navigation, wireless vehicle safety communications, and vehicle insurance. 

Flourishing Telemetry

The report forecasts total value of worldwide telemetry market to reach $243Bn by 2020, registering a CAGR of 14.20 percent during 2014 to 2020. It provides a detailed analysis of the telemetry market which includes telemetry systems used in various applications segments such as, Healthcare/Medicine, Aerospace & Defense, Energy &Utilities, Automotive & Transportation (Telematics), Manufacturing and Process Control, Oil & Gas, Agriculture & Water Management, Wildlife, Retail, Testing, Hydrography, Oceanography among others.

According to this telemetry market research, Healthcare, Telematics, Aerospace & Defense and Wildlife cover more than half the total market share. The Healthcare and Telematics telemetry is expected to grow at a comparatively higher rate as compared to the other segments. Retail telemetry will have a small market but will continue to grow. The country-wise breakdown provides an application-level analysis, procurement & integration analysis, and technology-level analysis of countries in the global telemetry market. Industry value chain analysis, and supply chain analysis study is incorporated in the report to determine the role of various stakeholders and key influencers in influencing the telemetry market growth.

It’s all about Sensing
The report comprises of the various telemetry system sensors including detailed analysis for different sensors namely, position sensors, pressure sensors, torque sensors, vehicle dynamics sensors, temperature sensors, GPS sensors, vibration sensors, strain gauge sensors, weather prediction sensors, load cells sensors, voltage sensors, current sensors, resistance sensors, displacement sensors, magnetic RPM sensors, and optic RPM sensors. It also includes an elaborate analysis of the telemetry sub systems for measurement, monitoring, display and recording.

Both the reports have been added to the IT & Telecommunications intelligence collection of ReportsnReports’ research library.