Telit Launches Five New LTE IoT Modules

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FREMONT, CA: IoT enabler Telit has expanded its 4G portfolio by launching five new LTE IoT modules. The new modules include one category 4 (CAT-4) and four category 1(CAT-1) out of which three  the LE866-SV1, LE910-SV1, LE910-NA1 are for the North American market and one is for Europe LE910-EU1. These modules employ the latest LTE technology and correspond to the latest CAT-1 standards while the LE910-SV V2 is a single mode CAT-4 high bandwidth module launched for applications which require high speed data.
“Telit is uniquely positioned in the market to help our customers react quickly to opportunities, leverage their designs, and expand into other regions with a simple drop in replacement module from the same family. And now with CAT-1 fully compatible with the next generation IoT modules for CAT-0/M there is no reason for developers to continue waiting. Design now, deploy the efficient CAT-1 solution and update to CAT-0/M later without redevelopment or retooling,” said Felix Marchal, Telit’s Chief Product Officer.

The company offers three of the four CAT-1 modules and the CAT-4 LTE IoT modules through its xE910 form factor, which accommodates all cellular technologies such as GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, CDMA and LTE CAT-x. Telit’s incorporation of CAT-1 modules to xE910 enables developers and integrators to fully capitalize on the current technological standards. In addition, these modules also have the capabilities to adapt with new LTE communication technologies such as MTC, IPv6, and VoLTE. Moreover, the CAT-1 modules facilitate IoT onboarding; reduce risks and time to market entry, while helping carriers to trim down their costs for asset tracking, remote monitoring and control. The Telit CAT-1 LTE IoT modules can easily be integrated with a Telit GNSS module which offers enhanced solutions for tracking, navigation and surveillance.