Telogis for Field Service to Drive Customer Engagement
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Telogis for Field Service to Drive Customer Engagement

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Telogis launches Telogis for Field Service – an industry-specific extension of its connected intelligence platform which delivers improved customer experience, job visibility, and overall efficiency.

Some of the features of Telogis for Field Service include: advanced work scheduling and optimization; real-time estimated times of arrival (ETAs); dynamic dispatch.

Through Telogis for Field Service, field teams can be more proactive than ever before which paves for better customer engagement driving business. It helps in efficient communication and update among the field, the back office and the end customer.

Telogis delivers solutions that ensure end-to-end reliability. Some of the values that it delivers include: service order management, Proof of Delivery, truck-specific navigation; routing for teams; advanced Plan versus Actual. These solutions deliver comprehensive visibility into the execution of procedures and services.

Making the Most of Technology

Technicians through Telogis’ Field Service can ensure that they are compliant with Telogis Compliance, process, and update job statuses, and create customizable forms. Integration with back office is realized through specific mobile applications.

“Telogis’ proven applications for Field Service drive effective and responsive mobile operations across a number of different industries such as utilities, construction, oil and gas, cable and telecom and more,” said Newth Morris, co-founder, Telogis and president, Telogis Route & Navigation. “We brought these solutions together in order to help our customers more easily meet the demands of their end customers for more predictive and dynamic service response.”

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