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TEM Market in 2019: How will Enterprises Choose their Vendors?

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Timothy C. Colwell, SVP, Efficiency First Adoption

Timothy C. Colwell, SVP, Efficiency First Adoption

Telecom is very important today for society’s development, as it connects people in many ways and many places around the world. Digitization is changing the important aspects of the telecom industry tremendously. The telecommunications industry remains a key force for growth, innovation, and disruption in many industries. Excellence in telecommunications is achieved with high investment costs and responsibility.

A Telecom expense management (TEM) solution provides a database in which companies can manage telecom services and assets efficiently. Business practices help telecom management validate the seller’s invoices and control their telecom services expenditure. TEM helps business owners streamline the telecom service and provides financial planning support about telecom to the company.

AOTMP is a research and consulting team that develops analyst perspectives and market landscapes with more than 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, mobility, and IT management. The team assesses current and future trends and performance in telecom management while meeting the needs and interests of companies and vendors who meet those needs.

AOTMP Research and Advisory published the 2019 Inaugural European TEM market landscape on 27 November 2018. According to its analysis report, European companies spend about £ 223.7 billion on telecommunications.

This report comprises 27 pages containing assessments of the state of telecommunications management in Western Europe and provides profiles of the participating TEM vendors based in Europe. The unique features of the vendors and how they meet the requirements of the telecommunications environment for companies are listed in the report.

Depending on the need of the company operating in Europe, which requires a TEM provider, the TEM Market Landscape report can help to identify the best vendor that meets the company’s principles and needs. The report also includes information on analyst observations and company feedback on the TEM industry in Europe.

With this TEM report, it will be easy for an enterprise to choose the provider, and vendors will also be able to enhance their capabilities according to the needs of a company. AOTMP Research & Advisory subscribers, vendors, and companies may purchase or license the 2019 TEM Market Landscape report online.