Tenable Extends Agent-Based Solutions for Detailed View Across IT Environment

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 29, 2015

COLUMBIA, DC: With increasing number  data security violation cases, there seems to be little room left for the improvement of organizational woes regarding poor visibility, and struggle to cope up with security initiatives. Tenable Network Security takes up the challenge by teaming up with Nessus Agents into SecurityCenter 5, so as to give unparalleled visibility to enterprise clients across previously unscannable system such as the entire IT infrastructure including portable devices and hard-to-scan assets.

This integration of Nessus Agents based technology into Tenable’s SecurityCenter Continuous View brings together a whole lot of difference for customers to gain access to a prodigious networking element along with the endpoint devices.

Organizations are empowered to efficiently manage and examine everything from small volatile data to even the most sensitive ones. It effortlessly manages visibility of credential scans as well as for disconnected devices, segmented networks and low bandwidth connections to remote facilities.The technology is also involved in extensive basis parallel scanning with little to make difference on network.

The comprehensive vulnerability solution allows the security teams to secure mobile operationality, and also offers systems access on critical bandwidth-limited networks that were well ahead impossible to even imagine of.

The SecurityCenter analytics solutions accumulates and examines all of the vulnerability data from the company’s entire complicated IT infrastructure. This is a huge step from the company towards offering an in-depth detection of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware and real-time threats, with the help the Assurance Report Cards.