Tenable Network Security Incorporates a New Foolproof Threat Hunting Solution

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Tenable Network Security, Inc., a firm offering security technology solutions for the businesses reveals the release of a new and highly secure Threat Hunting solution at RSA Conference 2016. The new release focuses on helping customers identify threats and resolve compromises in a proactive manner before they encounter critical breaches. Key functions of the company include prioritizing threats, eliminating blind spots, and reducing exposure and loss.

“We’ve been predicting that the future of threat detection and incident response will belong to companies focused on a technology and asset-agnostic approach to situational awareness across the entire enterprise,” said Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst, 451 Research.

Organizations across the globe implement large number of security tools into their networks. But, even with highly sophisticated security measures, the companies may not have the resources to determine a security attack. They are always vulnerable to massive security breaches. Tenable’s new Threat Hunting solution offers a real-time critical context CISOs, visibility options and security teams with a wide range of integration support needed to determine and eliminate threats actively. It also includes intelligent connectors, active scanning, agent-based scanning, host activity data and continuous listening.

The new Threat Hunting solution features unique sensors in the company’s Security Center Continuous View, effectively monitoring normal activity. The built-in irregularity detection allows customers to identify and measure the difference from the normal activity patterns, realize complex threats on the network and identify suspicious chained events in real time. Efficient reporting functions and dashboards provide organizations with the tools needed to tackle the attackers.

“It’s time we change our strategies in combating the adversary. This is Tenable’s focus. We are helping organizations transform their security programs with proactive threat hunting that lets CISOs answer and act on a simple, yet important question — have I been breached?,” said Ron Gula, CEO, Tenable Network Security.