Tenzing Announces Application Level Support for Oracle Commerce to Assist Retailers and Industry Partners

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 26, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Tenzing Managed IT Services, a provider of managed commerce services, announces application level support for Oracle Commerce to administer, tune and secure the Oracle Commerce application and supporting software.

Tenzing’s Oracle and Endeca Application Management services will include DevOps benefits to incorporate deployment of ATG and Endeca, configuration, tuning, proactive administration and daily management of the software with speedy release management. The company will work with Oracle and system integrators to provide an end-to-end ecommerce contribution. The services will look into the infrastructure, the operating system software, the Oracle and Endeca commerce environment through development, user acceptance, staging and production environments.

Varying levels of application support is needed depending on a retailer’s in-house expertise and partnerships. Support is required on an ongoing basis as agile development and DevOps methodology are being increasingly adopted, notes Chris MacLean,Vice President of Technology, Tenzing.

The announcement is the latest in a number of product releases to support retailers with their online business. “Through conversations with customers and prospect alike, we’ve learned that merchants need highly experienced, responsive partners that are able to support rapid, optimized changes to their commerce environments and help them deliver exceptional user experiences. I am pleased to begin 2015 by translating this knowledge into an additional layer of service to allow our clients and partners to get a maximum performance return on their commerce investments,” says Alex Knight, Senior Product Manager, Tenzing.