Teo Analytics: Empowering Better Utilization of Big Data

By CIOReview | Monday, May 9, 2016
Thomas Beck, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Teo Technologies

Thomas Beck, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Teo Technologies

MUKILTEO, WA: Teo Technologies, a provider of communication solutions announced the addition of Analytics solution to its product line. The new solution, Teo Analytics offers organizations with enhanced visualizations to the existing data sets also enabling integration and real time cross data set analysis. While helping eliminate repetitive reports, the analytics engine provides immediate dashboards empowering better utilization of big data.

The U.S. based Teo Technologies develops industry-leading communications solutions for the commercial, government, defense, and intelligence markets streamlining deployments and facilitating technology transitions and enhanced productivity. The company provides organizations the ability to optimize all of their channel communication flows seamlessly within a singular platform also routing voice, chat, fax, e-mail, web real-time communication (WebRTC), and social communication.

Thomas Beck, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Teo, says “We enable enterprises to adopt better tools for interpersonal communications and inter-machine or software communications.” Meanwhile, the addition of Teo Analytics helps organizations achieve high value data driven insights that would otherwise be cost prohibitive or impossible to gather thereby unifying the entire data management process.

Contact Center (CC) and Unified Communications (UC) database administrators utilize call detail records (CDRs) of data querying, filtering, and custom generated reports to monitor operational performance and strategically plan human resources. These are often exported and manually converged with 3rd party data sets to generate meaningful reports. Processing the data is time consuming with long intervals disabling real time views. Teo Analytics allows organizations to leverage the full value of collected data inventory with complete calling and web statistics integration. This would also nullify the involvement of manual processing. In addition, the solution permits incorporating data from nearly any cloud or in-house sources.

Today, mid-market to enterprise organizations rely on basic reports from disparate systems to manage operations. Teo Analytics, along with Teo UC or CC solutions will help organizations unlock the true value of all their data. Besides, the ability to monitor customized, real time visual representations of organizational data enables executives and management to be better informed,. With the launch of the new analytics solution, the company further empowers clients to gain deeper insights into their organization’s communication activities and improve decision making.