Teradata is Now Providing Advanced Data Management Solutions to 4C

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 1, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Big data analytics and marketing applications firm Teradata, has unveiled data science and media technology company, 4C as its new customer. 4C can now leverage Teradata’s Data Management Platform (DMP) to enhance data collection and augment capturing results of synchronized cross-channel marketing campaigns.

"Through unique application of data science, 4C is helping marketers’ better deliver messages to consumers across multiple channels," said Dr. Alok Choudhary, Founder and Chief Scientist, 4C. "Teradata's Data Management Platform will help us improve our value-driven relationships with clients by providing them more actionable data and integrated campaign analytics in real-time."

TV Synced Ads, a product of 4C that combines television advertising with digital campaigns, is using Teradata’s DMP to offer complimentary digital advertising, simultaneously with a TV spot or during a specific program. This innovative approach enables 4C’s customers to collect campaign success data in real-time, create more customized reports, and improve response to consumer behavior.

Modern marketing has moved into new channels like search, social media, email, mobile, and web, making the process more complex. To simplify this, marketers are in dire need of a platform that offers advanced data management capabilities across multiple channels. Teradata’s DMP equips marketers with these abilities by facilitating online as well as offline data collection across various channels, be it paid, earned, or owned, in a single solution that covers the entire process. Moreover, the solution allows marketers to optimize their advertising and customer marketing while helping them identify prospective customers, via access to integrated data insights.

"We are very excited to be working with the 4C team to integrate our market-leading solution with theirs. Teradata's DMP will help 4C's customers achieve Individualized Marketing through real-time data collection and customizable reporting," said Kim van der Zande, Head of Center of Excellence, DMP, Teradata Marketing Applications.