Teradata Launches Rainstor 7 for Data Archiving

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Teradata, a Big Data analytics and marketing application company, announces the release of RainStor 7  for enterprise data archiving. RainStor 7 provides support for Teradata QueryGrid 14.10. Teradata QueryGrid software orchestrates the use of multiple analytic engines and file systems, freeing the user to concentrate on their business analysis.

RainStor is an online enterprise-class data archive solution, which radically reduces the footprint and costs of archiving, provides immutable data storage, and helps meet regulatory, and compliance needs. This archiving solution regulates compliance and the integrated analysis of historical data.

The product offerings in RainStor 7 are divided into three categories. First, we have the flagship Teradata RainStor Regulatory Archive solution, which includes all the data governance, security, query access, and compliance features that our customers are familiar with.  Second in the new lineup is the Teradata RainStor Online Archive solution, which was designed for users who are principally concerned with maintaining deep history for analytics purposes, rather than for reasons of compliance. The final variant of RainStor 7 is the Teradata RainStor System Archive solution.  This solution specifically targets archiving of Teradata data warehouses.

Teradata RainStor’s features and capabilities that enables customers to better store and extract value from their archived data includes-

Footprint – archive Compression technology to reduce storage footprint.

Secured data – providing an immutable data storage that cannot be changed or replaced; it offers security for access authorization, data lineage tracking, and encryption.

Runs on Hadoop – assists Hadoop by providing online data archiving solution.

Multiple Data sources – saves money and improves analytics by consolidating data from across the enterprise into a single archive.

Teradata Unified Data Architectureby enabling customers answer new business questions, reduces overall costs and complexity.

Teradata QueryGrid - analyzes current and historical data by executing queries in multiple environments and doing extensive data movement.

Teradata RainStor FastConnect - data can be moved at high speed from the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse to RainStor with minimal impact on the source system or moved back.

Teradata RainStor FastForward  – making it easier to move and convert data stored on tapes to RainStor.

RainStor became a member of the Teradata family in last December and will be available in the third quarter of 2015.