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TeraStar System -More Data Saved Using Less Power, Space and Cost

By CIOReview | Monday, March 10, 2014

COLUMBIA: BAE Systems, a defense, security and aerospace company has recently launched TeraStar system, a data storage solution engineered to meet the next-generation government and military Big Data storage requirements while accommodating the cost and size needs of small to medium sized businesses and cloud-based storage providers.

Unlike traditional Big Data storage systems, TeraStar system’s unique design enables it to store immense volumes of data by utilizing less power and nominal physical space.

The system’s features like scalability and ultra-dense storage capacity gives the advantage of less cost in contrast to the cloud-based storage providers. Typically, to store the same amount of data, other single system commercial standard offerings require twice the rack space and power, and more cooling. In addition, TeraStar system’s design is compatible with a wide variety of storage media devices enabling substantial storage flexibility.

“We originally developed the TeraStar data storage system to fit the government’s strict cost, size, weight, and capacity requirements that legacy commercial products were not designed to meet,” says Andrew Russette, Product Manager at BAE Systems.

TeraStar solution also accommodates massive amount of data produced by next-generation sensors like ARGUS, the gigapixel-plus wide-area persistent surveillance sensor that BAE Systems created for the U.S. government.

With this solution, the government and military operations no longer require a large facility space or support infrastructure to host, power and cool the system. Even highly trained and skilled personnel can be replaced with this solution. Designed to meet the challenging specifications of military and government environments, TeraStar is the solution for the increasing space and infrastructure constraints of commercial environments, BAE system claims.

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