Terawatt Solutions to Provide High Tech Energy Management System Globally
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Terawatt Solutions to Provide High Tech Energy Management System Globally

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summit, NJ: Terawatt Solutions robust energy management system is being taken up by most of the global companies for centralized management.

The system is cloud based and it has got multiple features to address all utilities and renewable energy systems. This system software from New Jersey is capable of managing, monitoring, and controlling thousands of facilities globally with the help of one Smartphone or a web portal, reports Digital Journal.

“Our industrial energy management systems are designed to stand-alone with several wireless devices to control temperatures, lighting, thermostat, and almost every electrical device with no limitations on monitoring gas, water, wind turbines, or solar PV. Our software controls thermostats, motors, lighting to reduce demand and KWh with 5 – 20 percent off on electricity bills.” stated a senior spokesman from TeraWatt Solutions.

He added that, “With almost seamless features, our solution monitors and predicts with zero out of pocket expense. We promise you unlimited scalability and full customization.”

Talking about the features of the energy management system, the TerraWatt manager stressed on integration with all kinds of existent building management system using MODBUS or BacNet; both of them are communication protocol for exchanging data. The software can also create heating, ventilation, and air conditioning schedules, while preventing the override of thermostat alteration from the staff.

The company President Paul Pape said, “Our advanced software solution allows us to monitor all utility flow, ensuring good understanding of customer patterns and control of energy use, based on all the metrics that we put in place. The system is intelligently designed with almost no limits for monitoring and interactive equipment control.”

 “The energy management system is like no other when you compare cost-ROI vs what we deliver in return. One of our key features is for the end user to be able to predict and stop a small problem from becoming a very costly problem with real time alerts through Smartphone applications and web portal. The Terawatt Solution’s system is fully scalable and designed for all commercial, industrial and multi-family use.” He says.

The President also mentioned about the automation quotient of their energy management solution saying, “One of our biggest strengths is the ability to use hundreds of existent third party products for controls, utilizing IP products, and Z-wave or Zigbee devices. Our very powerful TWS-2000 controller can communicate seamlessly with all of these in a see-through software layer. It’s really simple to issue OFF or ON command, irrespective of the controlling device.”
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