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Terbine and Flash Labs Corporation Launch Strategic Collaboration to Offer Blockchain-Based Protection to Sensor Data

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Terbine and Flash Labs Corporation announced a strategic alliance to introduce blockchain-based protection to sensor data that moves inside and across smart cities.

FREMONT, CA: Terbine and Flash Labs Corporation of U.S. have recently announced a strategic alliance to introduce blockchain-based protection to sensor data that moves inside and across smart cities. The two firms' offerings would include a new level of confidence and control for infrastructure data linking cities and customers. There will be unprecedented, unaltered, and traceable information for municipal and commercial customers that links back to the source.

Through a dynamic data exchange comprised of data generated by sensors, machines, and entire systems, Terbine allows the Internet of Infrastructure. Like air traffic controllers, the Terbine network works in the same way, controlling the flow of data much like airplanes' movement. Smart city technologies reach industrial uses far beyond municipal services, such as protection for autonomous vehicles, relaying information into displays of augmented reality (AR), smart grids, electric car and truck charging networks, routing autonomous mobile robots, drones for distribution, and even more.

Flash Laboratories is made up of Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology experts, developing and improving solutions concentrating on data protection, sanctity, and usability. Flash Labs provides the best blockchain creation and consulting services in collaboration with its Hyundai BS&C affiliates to integrate IoT hardware and software products into public or private blockchains. Trust and immutability have become an essential element in exploiting the true potential of data and efficient AI applications.

"Machine-generated data that cities produce is often utilized in mission critical applications that affect the safety, security and quality of life for their citizens," said Michael Woods, CEO & COO of Flash Labs. "By combining our expertise and technologies with Terbine's, we can ensure a city's infrastructure data is handled efficiently, in a secure, trustworthy manner."

"We have overcome the major issues that have thus far limited the widespread usage, and even monetization, of infrastructure data," said David Knight, Terbine CEO. "By leveraging emerging technologies, including AI, 5G, blockchain and edge computing, we're going to make data accessible by current and next-generation applications, and it will be as straightforward and ubiquitous as mobile apps."