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Terbine Announces Global IoT Data Subscription Service to Commercial Users

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2020
David Knight, CEO

David Knight, CEO

Terbine is offering data feeds from several countries through a single portal, searchable by both human and AI, saving time and effort in data acquisition for firms.

FREMONT, CA: Terbine announces that it is offering subscriptions to its global IoT data trove to commercial users. The expanding index provides fingertip access to sensor readings generated by infrastructure, transportation, meteorology, energy, logistics, and many other sectors. The system allows for the first time for human users and AIs alike to quickly find and retrieve Iot information from sources and apply it to analytics, visualizations, the operation of machines, and management of infrastructure.

The subscriptions of Terbine are one-stop access to data from cities/counties/states and federal agency sources (representing thousands of man-hours in data acquisition and characterization, the data is collected from several public agencies and other sources encompassing air, land, water, and space, unlimited access to physical-world data, and useful applications across several industries, where connectors are offered to popular analytics software including Tableau and languages such as Python.

With Terbine's subscription, firms can get data that is comprehensively contextualized and indexed, instead of surfing through thousands of individual data sites and nearly indistinguishable data streams. Terbine also provides rich context, provenance, indexing, and over 30 searchable parameters, each with multiple subcategories. Subscriptions to the system of data is availed on a 30-day no-charge trial basis. Following the trial period, firms will be charged $795 monthly for an initial user, with additional users charged at $195/month. Data feeds from commercial sources, including automotive, energy, and more will be added soon and priced on a list basis.

Terbine is the prime large-scale system for the seamless exchange of IoT data, which characterizes, categorizes, licenses, regulates, tracks, monetizes, and securitizes the flow of machine-generated data emanating from public agencies, academic institutions, and commercial entities. Terbine is working with leading companies in financial services, supply chain & logistics, insurance, autonomous vehicle startups looking for training data, and several others.