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TestView Soon To Work with New Testing Tools

By CIOReview | Monday, July 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Software testing is far more critical in the enterprise and technological front than the credits given for it now. The article by Abel Avram in reports how XebiaLabs TestView, a test management and analytics tool, approaches software testing by integrating with a number of testing tools and test result formats, like Selenium, FitNesse, Cucumber, Cucumber js, JUnit, Gatling, and TestNG.

TestView Project, a set of Test Specifications, includes four of its kind. They are called active, executable, passive and set. Active is used to recover test results generated by supported testing tools, while executable is for to run tests across multiple testing tools and import the results. The third specification, passive provides a place for Jenkins to push test results info and set is a collection of multiple specifications.

As per the latest changes, the solution can also be integrated with Jenkins which will push the test results to TestView when done with the specified tests. This integration is viewed as a solution to the issue for having no customized dashboards for different stakeholders. Talking about the integration, Viktor Clerc, Product Manager of XL TestView says that different stakeholders have different needs.  

 “… Like the team would be more interested in ‘just the results’, whereas a test automation engineer would be interested in the duration trend of running all automated tests.  So, while providing all these kinds of insights in individual report, we also would like the possibility to provide tailor-made dashboards.”  

Speaking about the future plans he continues, “We intend to add support for other testing tools in the future, and provide API for developers to create custom plug-ins that would support proprietary tools.”