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Text to Voice: Voice Search Technology Enabling Better Content Discovery

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 25, 2019

Improving device response accuracy in voice-based searches is made easier with better content discovery approaches.  

FREMONT, CA: A prediction by Gartner says that 30 percent of web browsing sessions would be voice-based by the year 2020. A significant part of the population is turning towards voice-driven services on their personal devices. Technological improvements, like voice recognition and machine learning, are driving this shift from text to voice. Systems equipped with learning capabilities are picking up languages and have grown extremely accurate with usage and understanding.

Exclusive devices meant for control through voice have found a lot of takers. One can see the use of such devices in many cases, some time for smart homes, and sometimes for professional use and assistance. This trend marks a significant shift in the way users access and use the internet. So it also impacts content discovery. From clicks, the world moved towards taps and swipes first. Now, taps and swipes are about to make way for voice.

Voice search seems to be a more natural and easier way of communicating and deriving information from the internet. While one is busy with a set of tasks at hand, one can instruct a device through voice command to read out the day’s news or the weather forecast. Typing requires more efforts than voice-based queries. Content discovery in case of text-based searches employs a particular SEO strategy. With voice searches, the criteria changes, and the SEO strategy has to be upgraded accordingly. 

For making engines responsive to voice and language, the concept of context is a must. Only when the information relayed is relevant to the user, the technology can be called a success. Predicting the nature of a query and holding out the best information gets better with machines that have artificial intelligence incorporated into them. A good voice SEO should be able to answer in terms of the keywords that are a part of spoken language.

The strategy of content creators should also evolve and incorporate information exclusively for voice searches and answers. The voice-search engine and the content have to develop together to make most of voice technology.

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